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About the film

An 8 minutes long drama film, poetically written and directed by Anthony Mambré.

Anna is a young woman who takes refuge on the roof of a Parisian building. That's where she meets an old man, Henri, living his last day on earth. The encounter is going to end in an unexpected way, there, on the roofs of a world.


Mainly on the roof of a building. Let's consider Les toits d'un monde as an open-air "huis clos".The roofs of Paris, a source of inspiration for the director, are a magic place full of poetry, whose story and aesthetics correspond to the movie's. I’m very lucky because I live in a flat on the 5th floor of a building with an amazing view on the top of Paris and its roof. That was a very big source of inspiration to set the movie.

The set is important not only for its poetry but because, in a way, it is also part of the characters. The city carries a memory, a soul. If it were capable of feelings and words, what could it say at a moment such as the one that the movie develops? How would it look upon this encounter between two people that are total opposites in many aspects, except maybe for their humanity?

The shooting

That was an amazing experience and the first professional one for me. I was surrounded by a wonderful and professional team with a very great mood on the set. We were very lucky because the shooting lasted two days and it was very sunny whereas it was rainy the days before and after.

LES TOITS D'UN MONDE (Top of a world), Directed by Anthony Mambré.


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