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Festival Description

Festigious is a monthly film festival. Each month, our Jury will award the best films through private screenings, and make a special interview with the winner of the Best Film of the Month award. The Film of the Month winners will also compete at the end of the year for Best of Fest award (best film of the year).


We have two missions: to promote indie filmmakers worldwide, and to achieve gender equality in filmmaking.


Finalists 2017

Best of Fest

Best Narrative Feature

Best Narrative Short

Best Animation Short 

Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Short 

Best Inspirational Film

Best Indie Film

Best Micro Film

Best Web Series

Best Music Video

Best Experimental Film

Inspiring Woman in a Film

Best Picture (Film of the Month)



The Best of Fest annual winner will receive one free Festigious statuette. Other winners may order a statuette for themselves and their team, for $290.




Festival Organizers

Nami Melumad, Festival Co-Director & Programmer

Roy Zafrani, Director & Founder

Promo 2016
Finalists 2016
Best of Fest Winner 2016


Director: J Mitchel Reed

Starring: Simon Paluck, Abigail Winter

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Promo 2015
Best of Fest Winner 2015

"Sleeping Death"

Director: David Casademunt

Starring: Mireia Vilapuig, Irene Quero

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