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June 2020


Inhale review v2
No Defense design
Aleita design
Noche Loca design 2
The Train to Qinling design
Dumps design
Do Not Open design
The Texas Railroad Killer design
The Void design
Unapeeling design
Ferriel design
Harbor Island design
A Life to Live design
In Your Honor design
Inhale design v2
Words design
Lifeless design
Remember This design
Sweet Sunshine design
The Clothes Wear You design
The Wanderlust of Apu
‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏FESTIGIOUS FIN
‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏Festigious Screenplay Finalists
‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏2020 06
Best Picture
Brian Chambers, Derek Lamoureux, Nik Pilecki
Best Narrative Film
Noche Loca
Julio Cesar Gonzalez
Honorable Mention: Narrative Film
The Millennial Condition
Michael Welsh
Best Indie Film
Alex Fedosov, Elvira Sinelnik
Honorable Mention: Indie Film
John Walbolt
Best Drama
A Life to Live
Bill Herndon, Emma Selmann
Best Comedy
Do Not Open
Moses Mugo
Best Experimental Film
The Clothes Wear You
Kitsch Doom
Best Inspirational Film
Sweet Sunshine
Craig McMahon
Honorable Mention: Inspirational Film
Talk For Life
Amel Tresnjic
Best Musical/Dance Film
Issah Contractor
Best Dark Comedy
Boris Bilic
Best LGBTQ Film
Nandia Iman
Best Crime Film
The Texas Railroad Killer
Luis Antonio Rodriguez, Israel Rios
Best TV Pilot
Harbor Island
Tiffany Rhodes
Honorable Mention: TV Pilot
All In Favor
Sally Lomidze
Best Documentary Feature
No Defense
Sara Ganim
Best Documentary Featurette
In Your Honor
Mauro Romero
Best Documentary Short
Brian Chambers, Derek Lamoureux, Nik Pilecki
Honorable Mention: Documentary
Swipe Left: The Age of Disposable Relationships
Amber Ostergaard
Best Animation
The Train to Qinling
Shir Baron
Honorable Mention: Animation
Chong Liu, Kuan Ting Lu, Han Chen Chang
Best Music Video
The Void
Jakob Kaiser
Honorable Mention: Music Video
Go Rona Rona
Peter Calvin, Brent Crable
Best Student Film
Amber Baris
Honorable Mention: Student Film
Cat's Eye
Haley Min Young Kreofsky
Best Microfilm
Remember This
Sonia Bajaj
Best Director
Seungwon Gio Park
Honorable Mention: Director
Harbor Island
Tiffany Rhodes
Best Indie Filmmaker
Yasser Hijan
Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker
Kasey Quinn
Best First Time Director
The Train to Qinling
Shir Baron
Honorable Mention: First Time Director
Peilin Xie
Best Young Filmmaker
Kaleb Laidman
Best Actor
Harbor Island
Pat Dortch
Best Actress
Nataly Santiago
Best Actor in an Indie Film
Noah Copfer
Best Actress in an Indie Film
The Unknown Mother
Susan Yam-Yam Shaw
Best Supporting Actress
Covered Candor
Faye Tangonan
Best Young Actress
Harbor Island
Lacey Caroline
Best Duo
Million Loves in Me
John Y & Koon-Lan Law
Best Cinematography
Ashton J. Harrewyn
Honorable Mention: Cinematography
Cat's Eye
Haley Min Young Kreofsky
Best Score
Chris Coleman
Honorable Mention: Score
Pano Fountas
Best Song
Alangara Panthal
Midhun Narayanan, Haricharan, K.D. Vincent, Gani
Inspiring Woman in a Film
Kaylee Chappell
Best Visual Effects
Season of Aeon
Kassandra Lim
Best Trailer
The Wanderlust of Apu
Subhrajit Mitra
Honorable Mention: Trailer
The Wandering
Corey Higgins
Best Original Story
Million Loves in Me
John Y, Tiong Wooi Lim, Jeremy Tan
Honorable Mention: Original Story
Boris Bilic
Screenplay of the Month
Brook Farm
Alexander Wake
Best Feature Screenplay
Evolution Zero
Madeline Rooks
Honorable Mention: Feature Screenplay
The Statue Garden
Peter Hsieh
Best Short Screenplay
Sam Moony
Honorable Mention: Short Screenplay
John Maslowski
Best Drama Screenplay
Good Grief
Emily Rued
Best Comedy Screenplay
A Semi Serious Time
Marissa Lessman
Best Action Screenplay
Nation Building
Jon Oehler
Best Sci-Fi Screenplay
Black Rose
Uzair Merchant
Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)
Brook Farm
Alexander Wake
Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter (Feature)
Penelope's War
Nancy "Sunny" Ellis, Marc L. Ellis
Best Television Script
Untitled Gay Hitman Project
James Tison, Gus Constantellis
Honorable Mention: Television Script
Jaye Mary Younkin
June 2020
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The Train to Qinling
In your honor
No Defense
All In Favor
Remember This
Sweet Sunshine
Talk For Life
Swipe Left
The Millennial Condition
The Texas Railroad Killer
The Wanderlust of Apu
Harbor Island
Do Not Open