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November 2019


The Return review
A Lack of Colour review
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The Four Stages of Cancer According to I
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‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏FESTIGIOUS FINALISTS 201
2019 11
Best Picture
The Return
Jon Fish
Best Narrative Film
Ruby Baby
Lee Mcqueen
Honorable Mention: Narrative Film
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Tianzhao Zhang
Best Indie Film
Giles Greenwood, Jonathan Digby
Honorable Mention: Indie Film
Friends & Lovers
DC Brandon
Best Drama
Right Where You Need To Be
Ambyr Michelle, Choice Skinner
Honorable Mention: Drama
Lewis William Robinson
Best Comedy
Harvey Wallbanger
Abdul Stone Jackson
Honorable Mention: Comedy
Me 2 Me
Kenny Chang
Best Thriller
Timothy Collins
Honorable Mention: Thriller
The Easy Lift
Sam Bradford
Best Horror
The Escape Room
Bessy Adut
Honorable Mention: Horror
The Basement
Naima Chebahi
Best Sci-Fi
Gazanfer Biricik
Best Experimental Film
Alberto Martín-Aragón
Best Musical/Dance Film
Niz Fernandez
Best Dark Comedy
Giles Greenwood, Jonathan Digby
Best Parody
Cricket Man
Ronaldo Garcia, Alon Fisher
Best LGBTQ Film
A Lack of Colour
Craig Brownrigg
Best Crime Film
The Final Mission
Winston James
Best TV Pilot
Harvey Wallbanger
Abdul Stone Jackson
Best Documentary Feature
In This World
Anna Kauber
Best Documentary Short
The Return
Jon Fish
Honorable Mention: Documentary
Tuva youngster-Yong Deng
Zhang Xiquan
Best Animation
Mimi Meets Books
Yih-Fen Chou
Honorable Mention: Animation
The Very Special Day
Hayatto, Yuri Kageyama
Best Music Video
Azhar's Aria
Madina Altynbayeva
Honorable Mention: Music Video
Twins - New Continents & Ancient Rivers
Lucie Ternisien
Best Student Film
The Four Stages of Cancer According to Introverts
Almas Alardhi
Honorable Mention: Student Film
Wilderness Quest
Kelly Needleman
Best Director
A Lack of Colour
Craig Brownrigg
Honorable Mention: Director
Justin Durivou
Best Indie Filmmaker
The Final Mission
Winston James
Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker
Silent Ties
George Leontakianakos
Best First Time Director
Niz Fernandez
Honorable Mention: First Time Director
Me 2 Me
Kenny Chang
Best Actor
Jonathan Digby
Best Actress
Ruby Baby
Hervine De Boodt
Best Actor in an Indie Film
The Final Mission
Jas Anderson
Best Actress in an Indie Film
Friends & Lovers
Robegiene Farinas
Best Supporting Actor
Grahame Edwards
Best Supporting Actress
The Final Mission
Victoria Guthrie
Best Duo
A Lack of Colour
Dylan Barrett & Viktor Sawchuk
Honorable Mention: Duo
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Tianzhao Zhang
Best Ensemble
The Escape Room
Jolie Vanier, Alfredo Rose, Laurelle Mabalot, Brett Schaberg, Nicoletta Hynes, Emma Freyre, Bessy Adut
Honorable Mention: Ensemble
The Final Mission
Jas Anderson, Amadeo Fusca, Victoria Guthrie, Clinton Lowe, Peter O'Hara, Peter Duncanson, Josh Evans, Michael Fegley, Mike Pollock
Best Cinematography
Ruby Baby
Owain Wilshaw
Best Editing
The Escape Room
Yin Lui
Best Score
The Return
Brittany Losee
Inspiring Woman in a Film
Fenni Zombie
Best Original Story
Lewis William Robinson
Honorable Mention: Original Story
Divina Doveyo