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“KIDICIDE” examines the nature in how we nurture

Did “KIDICIDE” arrive as a thought or an act? Was it by nature or how I was nurtured?

Nature verses nurture dilemma has always been of interest to me. What exactly do parents have control over in the raising of their children and what is simply out of their hands? Does genetics and biological factors play a bigger role on their intelligence or is it the person or “tribe” who raises them? With that being said, I also intended to get literal with the “nature" elements, in the script. So I created a protagonist who is a chemist - an award-winning mom who eventually understood that by using toxic pesticides one was also doing harm to mankind. For what we introduce into our environment conversely affects all creatures who inhabit the earth. And similarly, who and what our children become exposed to will ultimately affect them as well. Therefore…

“KIDICIDE” frames this paradox. But mostly the spec is about family - the family we choose and the family we don't - and the relationships amongst family members.

I didn’t want the horror dependent on cheap scares but rather what is rooted in innate human fears of being infected with something or someone out of our control. I hoped that this "infection" would serve as a marketable way to deliver a timely “bio-horror” and a heart wrenching story about a girl fearing she is losing the only family she's ever known and loved to complete strangers. People her mom thought were worthy of love so she brought them naively into their home. Again, demonstrating the causal effects of nature verses nurture. And subsequently, forgetting what she had come to learn as a chemist. The causes and effects of what does not seem to be harmful could be, indeed, lethal in the end.

Um, as a side note, there’s an alligator who lives in my luscious backyard that continues to survive the onslaught of herbicides and pesticides.

Kelly Jean Karam

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