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At the grace of tones

I would like to begin by extending my gratitude to the Festigious team for recognition of my short music video “Godsend Rondo”. There are many generous opportunities in the U.S., and I think that a lot of people naturally take that for granted. Do you realize how fortunate you are to joyously be able to pursue your creative passions or dreams knowing that nothing is impossible? Believing with reckless abandon, and the power of positivity are not comparatively found in all countries in the world.

This film was shot in Hokkaido, Japan in 2011. At that time, I had composed music for renowned designer Yohji Yamamoto’s Paris Fashion Week fashion show. We continued to collaborate on my short music film “Godsend Rondo”. Yamamoto designed classy and fabulous Baroque-style ready-to-wears for that season. Meanwhile, I wrote 18th century themed classical music and dressed in Yamamoto’s ready-to-wear collection for the film.

Director Tomo Oya said, “I wondered about how innovative costumes fit into nature before shooting. But once Kento Masuda dressed in them, I was able to shoot many surreal and artistic motion pictures. Art preserved the tradition, realizing that new works would be born beyond common sense and limitations.”

After the Fukushima earthquakes occurred in 2011, my music studio suffered great damage. Yet I continued to compose music, even during the aftershocks. I realized that we all live in nature, even in Tokyo. Japan was supported by over 90 countries, especially the United States. I saw that there weren’t any borders between us. I thought about how I could give back to you and decided to trust in the kindness of my music.

I always keep in mind that the music must be original and that these delicate, courteous, and precise works must be flawless. Even though six years have passed since the work was completed, I think that it shows proof that good works are timeless, like evergreen. So it is an honor and with great appreciation that I receive the award of Best Music Video.

Kento Masuda Is a member of The Recording Academy, has published ten albums, and has received multiple noble knighthood titles in Europe.

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