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7th Annual Festigious 2021 - The Nominees

We're excited to announce nominees for the 7th annual Festigious 2021:

Best of Fest 2021

Flesh - Tim Poon

Dead In The Water - Nanea Miyata

Deep Shock - Davide Melini

The Great Artist - Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Bi-2 — God of the Jilted - Vladimir Besedin

Pretty Metal - Mikhail Tot

All Blood Runs Red - Paul Mignot

Kaali Maati - Hemantkumar Mahale

The Sky Below - Charlie Rose

Incognito - Jacky Song

Deus Ex Machina - Jessy Langlois

Beta - Kevin M Turner

Best Narrative Feature

Twiceborn - Hiroshi Akabane - contact - Serina Aramaki

Hidden Love - Dream International Pictures

The Colour of Spring - Paul Andrew Kimball

Beautiful Lure - Hiroshi Akabane

Used and Borrowed Time - Sophia Romma

Exist, Not Exist: Zero Tolerance For Silence - Hee chul Kwon

Kaali Maati - Hemantkumar Mahale

Sweet Destiny - Arash Sobhani, Kajeh Mehrizi, Taravat Khalili, Hamidreza Safipoor

Murder Bury Win - Michael Lovan

Shocking Marriage - Demetrio Casile

Best Narrative Short

Rum Go! - Markus Thorington

Come Home To Me - Gavin Bradley

Reflection Point - Deryck Broom

The Callouts - Harrison Gabriel

Reappear - Tommy Clarke

Behind Your Skin - Evouna Michele

All Blood Runs Red - Paul Mignot

Out of Time - Delphine Montaigne

There's No Hell Like Home - Russell Southam

Incognito - Jacky Song

Deus Ex Machina - Jessy Langlois

Beta - Kevin M Turner

Best Indie Feature

Solitary - Jack Linsdell

Ramesses - Kevin Austra

Crisis In The City By The Bay - Vishal Krishnaiah

Enfer & Paradis - Antoine Chicoye, Michael Darrigade, Alex Lesbats

Runaway - Ralph Smith

Jiyan - Otis Birdy Dear Name - Hillfinger (Hyung-kun) Hwang

A Wink from Death - Renata Beck

Happy's - Don Tjernagel

Best Indie Short

Tahz - Nepal Arslan

Lady Lazarus - Jamie Lou

Jesus of New York - Joe Benedetto

Gunther - Ryan Rowley

A Simple Twist Of Fate - Fynn Lithgow

Circulation - Anthony Casabianca, Izzy Esber

Fix Me - Woonyea Han

HomeTown - Mikhail Tot

There's No Hell Like Home - Russell Southam

Lolo - Keone & Mari Madrid

Family Frenzy - Cody Dalton

Her Place - Matt Guajardo Kelsey

Best Web/TV Pilot

In Two Minds - Fabian Schwab

Atlas - Ayman Chaudhry

ProDogTV - Randall Owens

Marvel-less - Christopher Kelley

Human Spectrum - Eduardo Ramirez

Best Web/TV Series

Coasters - Sam Jacks, Doug Rogers, L.P. Dohi, Sandi Todorović

Hotline - Vanessa Rodriguez

White Crow - George Threadgold

Incompleteness - David Ash

Undateable - Matt Mahaffey, Brittany Bookbinder

Good Monsters - Johannes Muhr, Julia Zimth

The OMG! Oriental Medical Guru - Jamie Tran

Audition - Cosimo Tucci

Best Documentary Feature

Until the Last Drop - Mike Daniel, Sam Kneiss

Roger Grein: An Empowering Philanthropist - Bob Kelly

Yokosuka 1953 - Journey to her mother in memory - Tsuyoshi Kigawa

The Sporting Bubble - Peter Dickson

Shave to Reborn - Ellen Pun

A Wink from Death - Renata Beck

Master Sheng Yen - Chang Chao-wei

Jerry Quarry: Boxing's Hard Luck Warrior - Richard Poche

Pat Walsh - Michael Benson